The technical training in aerospace and industrial applications requires even more the design and the development of training systems, or systems that integrate and/or partially replace traditional activities of theoretical and practical training.

The design and the development of training or education systems require skills and expertise that come only and exclusively from training and education practices.

The training systems designed and developed by Neos are first of all the systems that Neos used over the years

The design and the development of training or education systems require skills and expertise

and daily uses to perform on the field the training activities.

Neos is not only able to provide its customers with a full range of training systems but is mostly able to offer complete integrated solutions and modulable.


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Multimedia production for CBT/WBT requires strong competencies, knowledge and experiences but also specific tools/application in order to manage it.

La produzione dei contenuti multimediali è generalmente costituita da quattro processi primari:

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Storyboard preparation
  • Courseware preparation
  • Content validation process

Neos Storyboard & Courseware Platform (N-S&CP®) is the only platform able to cover all multimedia production processes.

N-S&CP® is a web-based platform so all users (project managers, storyboard editor, 2D/3D designers, animation specialists) can work into the same platform, sharing information and data.

N-S&CP® has also a very strong and efficient validation process essential in order to ensure high quality standards.

N-S&CP® is also completely integrated with the N-MTP®, permitting a quick and easy on-line publication of products multimedia contents.

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Neos has been involved for more than 10 years in the development of Computer Based Training (CBT)/Web Based Training (WBT) for major clients in the aerospace and industrial sectors for national and international projects.

With the gained experience, Neos is able to offer solutions based on well-proven production processes, efficient and of high quality both for technical content and for 2D and 3D graphics.

Neos CBT/WBT products can be distributed on DVD or, as widely required, through our training platform (N-MTP) or our digital classroom (N-DC).

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N-MTP® is an application that allows any Training Organization to manage and deliver multimedia technical training contents to its trainees/students/customers.

N-MTP® is customized by Neos for its own customers and it is available at a specific web portal.

N-MTP® is a web application that runs in a web browser.

Due to the fact that N-MTP® is a web application, N-MTP® is independent from specific devices used for the fruition of the multimedia contents (PC, tablet, smart phones, etc.) and it is independent from the Operative System (Windows, MAC, Android, etc.).

N-MTP® adopts a specific streaming server to ensure the highest quality of experience.

N-MTP® is completely integrated with N-S&CP.

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Neos has developed a simple but effective way to use multimedia content (CBT/WBT) without a permanent and dedicated connection to the web.

Neos digital classroom (N-DC) well suits the needs of customers, who carry out training activities in the classroom, often far from their offices or by the final customers, or by those customers that for safety reasons or confidentiality don’t want to make their training content accessible through the web.

N-DC is transportable, easily configurable and extremely flexible in terms of manageable and usable contents.

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Technicians and pilots need to gain confidence and familiarity with controls, indicators, displays, operative procedures, problems resolution typical of their operating environment, whether it be a plane or a helicopter or – more generally – a machine complex.

This requirement can be met through intense training activities in a real environment, but this is very expensive and requires that the plane, the helicopter or the complex machine remains in a state of not fully operation.

N-VC allows technicians and pilots to explore their operating environment (cockpit or command and control stations), to perform all operational procedures, to acquire the necessary skills and operational expertise and control.

N-VC recreates the operating environment faithfully and fully functional, allowing the user to follow the training in a safe and controlled environment, using a PC, a tablet or a smart-phone.

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Technicians, pilots and cabin crew have always had the need to gain confidence and familiarity with their operating environment, be it a plane, a helicopter, a complex machine, a system or an equipment.

This requirement can be met only through intensive training activities in direct contact with their operating environment, be it real or virtual.

Neos has designed and developed a virtual environment (Neos Virtual Hangar – N-VH) that is well suited to this need, providing a convenient solution, practical and low cost compared with the real operational environment training costs.

N-VH allows technicians, pilots and cabin crew to practice in a safe environment, with all operating maintenance procedures, with normal and emergency procedures using a PC, a tablet or a smart-phone.

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The augmented reality is the direct or indirect vision of a physical and real environment in which some elements are added.

Thanks to a close collaboration with AceLabs, Neos is able to design and implement training systems in augmented reality (N-ARTD).

N-ARTD is therefore an augmented reality system for training needs.

N-ARTD includes different applications:

  • Virtual Tutor
  • Hangar/tutor workshop
  • Maintenance tutor
  • Remote support/assistance

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Nowadays the simulators are a strategic training system both in aerospace and industrial sectors.

Thanks to a close collaboration with XESA System, Neos is able to design and produce simulators covering all training needs: aeronautical, railway, automobile, nautical and naval.

Neos and XESA System design and produce each fundamental component of the simulator, starting from the movement platform.

Neos/XESA simulators can be adapted to any specific requirement whether certified or not.

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