Design and produce technical publications is a complex activity that requires experience, technical expertise and adequate working tools.

Very often this task is assigned within companies or directly to the technical design department, or undertaken by the customer support department.

In all cases people in charge of this activity, despite of their deep knowledge of the Company, the products designed and sold, have no specific expertise concerning the technical publications, the technical writing techniques and the use of editing systems and publishing.

With rare exceptions, that originates corporate technical publications with significant room for improvement and/or optimization, even if the technical aspect and the functional purpose are correct.

Design and produce technical publications is a complex activity that requires experience, technical expertise and adequate working tools.

Neos has developed over the past fifteen years a significant and important experience in this field and can provide solutions to meet any requirement, according to regulations or internal usage.

Neos activities may be limited to analysis interventions and definition of optimization strategies, extended to design and realization and/or extended to the design and realization activity.

Regardless of the level activity required, products and services offered to our clients grant measurable results and significant improvement of the whole quality.


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Type and consistency of technical publications supporting an industrial or aerospace product depends solely and exclusively on the product itself (an airplane, an helicopter, a system, an equipment, a plant, a machinery, etc).

The legislation in the aerospace field defines type and consistency of technical publications with exceptions. In the industrial field instead the definition process is driven by the same manufacturer according to several requirements, among them surely also the ones defined by the Machinery Directive.

In the aerospace field Neos is able to produce all different types of publications related to the product, even if nowadays the term publications is no longer applicable.

In the industrial field Neos is able to support the customer in choosing the most suitable technical publications to support the specific product and to develop all the technical content required for it.

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Technical publications, regardless of the field of application, should always be in accordance with current rules and standards.

In the aeronautical field the reference standard is now the S1000D issue 4.1, while in the industrial sector is the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.

The first standard was developed by the AeroSpace and Defense industries association of Europe (ASD) with the contribution of the American Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the association of air transport (ATA), now called Airlines for America.

The S1000D specification current issue is 4.1 and is applicable to land, sea and air defense systems, to all civil aviation products and to all industrial and marine products.

The second was established by the Parliament and the European Council.

All technical publications developed by Neos are fully compliant with the above specified reference standards.

It is necessary to underline that the reference standards define the requirements, the structures, the general rules but not the content. The compliance with regulations and standards is an important requirement but is only the first objective difficulty to face in order to develop a technical content.

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The realization of technical publications requires the use of professional tools like editor, publishing systems and management systems. The same principle is valid for the realization of technical illustrations.

The experience and the skills related to almost all of these tools lets Neos support its customers in choosing the solution that best suits their needs.

Neos has always been involved in the elaboration of solutions and tools able to help and simplify the development processes of technical publications.

Today an editing and publishing platform, designed and built by one of the companies in our group, is able to meet our customers’ needs, whatever they may be.

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Choosing Neos for the design and the implementation of the technical publications of a company means choose the solution that best meets the requirements of the company, means increasing the quality of the content and consequently the satisfaction of the end customers, means reducing the impact on the company technical resources and reduce timing and process schedule and therefore the cost of emission and translation.





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Thanks to an efficient synergy Group (TPS Group) Neos is able to offer products and services with high added value with a sure advantage for its customers. Through a single user interface, the customer can access to specialized products and services covering the entire life cycle of the product.

In relation to the sole development activities of technical publications, the involvement of Neos can then be extended to:

  • design support activities
  • ILS and LSA activities/Material Support
  • electronic publications development (IETP)
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